Report Hate

Call 9-1-1 to report a hate crime.

  • When reporting an incident, state that you are reporting a Hate Crime.
  • Report emergencies such as attacks, assaults and threats
  • Report non-emergency crimes such as graffiti, vandalism and hate propaganda. The operator will connect you to the appropriate detachment to handle the situation.
  • There is no fee when calling 9-1-1 for either emergency or non-emergency situations.

Police Detachments and Provincial RCMP Detachments

Police Detachments

Municipal and First Nations police units in British Columbia.  Contact Information >

RCMP Detachments

RCMP detachments in British Columbia.  Contact Information >

For Resources and Training

The BC Hate Crimes Team works with local police detachments to investigate the criminal offenses and to protect sense of self and identity. For non-emergency questions about hate crimes, resources, trainings or education, please contact the BC Hate Crimes Team:


1-855-462-5733 (toll free)